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Students working on a garden.


What dream will you help realize? Solar panels on campus buildings? A Zero-Waste ISU? Green Roof projects? An ISU bike share program? A student-led community garden? Electric vehicle charging stations? Faculty research grants or awards? Sustainability at ISU can be achieved with your support.

Make a Gift

Donations made to the Office of Sustainability supports and advances environmental stewardship and sustainability programs across our campus, such as:

Educational Opportunities and Green Job Training: We can increase sustainability literacy across our campus, and develop a network of inclusive, environmental leaders who are prepared for the jobs of the future. We can do this by creating new sustainability-related curricula, co-curricula, programming, and cross-disciplinary opportunities, increasing the number of sustainability related courses and programs that emphasize environmental justice, equity, and indigenous perspectives, and establishing professional development opportunities for faculty to integrate sustainability in both academics and research.

Sustainable Operations: Collaborating across campus, we can design facility upgrades and renovations throughout ISU to incorporate renewable energy, green technology, electric vehicles, native plantings, and sustainable materials utilizing the campus as a living laboratory.

Student Internships and Assistantships: The growing sustainability culture at ISU means a greater need for paid student internships. Interns in the Office of Sustainability gain experience in communications, sustainability metrics, measurement and reporting, graphic design, education and outreach, and public speaking.

Outreach and Engagement: Workshops, seminars, tabling events, and presentations about various sustainability topics help to advance our efforts and engage with students, faculty, and staff across campus. Educational outreach events led by interns allow students to develop skills such as public speaking, communication, team building and leadership development.

Student Travel: Attending sustainability conferences and study abroad tours provide an opportunity to learn from and network with sustainable communities, organizations, and companies.